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Compliance Packages


Compliance Standard Review Fee: $3000

Monthly Compliance Standard Review Fee: $2500

The Greenbelt team will do a complete and comprehensive review of your operation and/or brand to identify any regulatory pitfalls or concerns that may impact your operation and will provide a compliance road map for improvement.


Pre-Inspection Support Fee: $3000

Depending on the jurisdiction, cannabis Operators will need to prepare for an annual or semi-annual review of their operations to ensure compliance with state law. The Greenbelt team will provide an on-site review of the operation and provide feedback on areas of improvement in anticipation of the regulatory review. 


Post-Inspection Support Fee: $3000

Depending on the jurisdiction, cannabis Operators may receive a negative review from a state regulator. The Greenbelt team can assist on-site with the review of any findings and make recommendations on how to adjust company operations to ensure compliance with applicable laws.


Concierge Compliance Support Fee: $5000

Monthly Concierge Compliance Support Fee: $4500

Hiring a Cannabis Compliance Officer may average $100,00 - $150,000 plus benefits. The Greenbelt Team can be your on-call external compliance team providing immediate service and support. Whether it is attending weekly meetings or providing key strategic advice from a regulatory and compliance perspective, our team can provide a high-touch level of support for senior management.


Compliance Program Development Fee: Call for Quote

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, it will become increasingly important to have a well executed compliance program to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Greenbelt can create internal written policies, procedures, and standards of conduct, provide staff training and education, implement monitoring and auditing systems to support any growing cannabis operation.


Greenbelt Compliance Bundles



Monthly Standard Compliance Review (6 months)

Pre-Inspection Support

Monthly Fee: $3000



Monthly Concierge Compliance Support (8 months)

Pre-Inspection Support

Monthly Fee: $4500



Monthly Concierge Compliance Support (12 months)

Pre-Inspection Support

Post-Inspection Support

Monthly Fee: $5000




Licensing Application Support Fee: $300 per hour


With experience completing license applications across various states and license types, our team can handle all aspects of the adult-use cannabis license. Our team can effectively demonstrate compliance with every application requirement - increasing your chances of securing a Cannabis license. Additionally, we  maintain a repository of prior successful applications from multiple jurisdictions that we readily utilize to formulate new license applications.


Licensing Renewal Support Fee: $300 per hour

Every cannabis operator will have to experience some sort of license renewal process. The Greenbelt team can readily assist with the many nuances of a typical cannabis renewal process. Additionally, our team will research and review your current operation to recognize any potential issues that may arise with your renewal application.

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