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Concierge Services

Consulting Services

Greenbelt can guide you through each step of the multifaceted and cross-organizational processes of a legal cannabis operation with our highly experienced professionals. Our professionals will be readily available to provide support in the following areas: (1) Identification and assessment of industry and deal-specific risks and opportunities; (2) Advise on sales strategy in targeted markets; (3) Documentation review, strategic planning, and leveraging of industry networks and relationships to facilitate and achieve company goals; and (4)Advise and support regarding various business, regulatory, and compliance matters that may impact your Cannabis enterprise.

Operational Development

Greenbelt can also analyze a physical cannabis operation at any stage of development to provide guidance on buildout, equipment selection, cultivation planning and staffing needs. For an existing operation, we can provide additional analysis to improve yields, identify operational efficiencies, introduce automation, create and enhance SOPs, and refine process flows.

Vendor Referral & Partner Placement

Greenbelt has cultivated relationships across the entire cannabis industry nationwide that our clients utilize to source legitimate and suitable manufacturers, distributors, cultivators, retailers, sales partnerships, and laboratories with the ability to support and grow your cannabis operation.

Land Use & Development

Social Equity Support

A core component of Greenbelt’s mission is to support those that have been impacted and marginalized by the failed War on Drugs - particularly in diverse communities of color. Greenbelt has created an entire platform devoted to the support of Social Equity licensees and those from diverse backgrounds striving to enter the competitive cannabis marketplace - whether it is a white label brand or the pursuit of a coveted cannabis license. We provide a discounted pricing structure to support the longevity and growth of our qualifying Social Equity clients. 

Due Diligence & Investment

Greenbelt performs financial and operational due diligence for investments and acquisitions up to $20M. Transactions of this size require special focus on critical elements to measure key risks while avoiding high costs. Greenbelt’s collective experience allows us to evaluate a cannabis operation in a manner far beyond the numbers. Personnel, products, capacity, brand positioning, operating practices, market trajectory and much more play an instrumental role in determining a business’s potential success. Our team will explain each step of the process, apprise you of key findings, and advise you on investment and acquisition opportunities. 

Licensing & Application Development

With experience completing license applications across various states and license types, our team can handle all aspects of the adult-use cannabis license or renewal application process. Our team can effectively demonstrate compliance with every application requirement - increasing your chances of securing a cannabis license while creating a compelling brand narrative that will be engaging for regulators. Additionally, we  maintain a repository of prior successful applications from multiple jurisdictions that we readily utilize to formulate new license applications.

Property Identification & Referral

Brand & Product Development

Through our collaborations with industry-leading cultivators, manufacturers, distributors and dispensaries, we are able to launch high-quality private and white label products into any adult-use market in the US. Our turnkey solution provides clients with access to a network of cannabis vendors to ensure that your product will achieve successful entry into the marketplace. 

Finance & Capitalization

With relationships across multiple industries nationwide, Greenbelt can identify and facilitate relationships with suitable investors that have the ability to participate in a debt or equity investment in a new or existing cannabis operation. Our network of high net worth individuals, family offices, and investment firms can provide the necessary capital to fully scale and operationalize a cannabis business.

Regulatory & Compliance

We  analyze applicable state cannabis laws and regulations and provide a suggested strategy for the ever-changing cannabis landscape no matter the size of your operation. Our team will serve as your "on call" Compliance Support Center to provide you instant guidance regarding operations, best practices, and ongoing compliance matters, whether it is facility management and product display or packaging and labeling of products, our compliance team is fully equipped to handle complex matters. Read more HERE.

Talent Recruitment

Greenbelt will guide you through all of your real estate and land use needs. We will provide you with an overview of zoning and permit requirements and other considerations that a real property owner may encounter when contemplating whether to establish cannabis facilities or whether to lease space to a cannabis cultivator, manufacturer, testing laboratory, retailer, microbusiness or distributor. We have walked many clients through this process, including cannabis cultivators, retailers, and manufacturers.

 The Greenbelt team includes land use and real estate experts who have relationships nationwide and access to a network of listed and unlisted properties. Greenbelt will take all necessary steps to identify and recommend vetted commercial “green zone” properties that satisfy your business needs whether for a dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing, or distribution facility.

Greenbelt has cultivated relationships nationwide, which we leverage to support our Talent Recruitment services for small and large scale cannabis operations. Greenbelt will seek and secure a highly qualified professional for any Cannabis operation that has the necessary skills and knowledge to augment and enhance your business team.

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