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International Dab Day

You’ve likely heard of 4/20 (AKA April 20th), the holiday that celebrates cannabis consumption around the world. Each year major gatherings occur in the United States for 4/20, especially in the rapidly growing list of states that have legalized cannabis like Colorado and California. As support has grown for cannabis legalization, the celebration has become more mainstream and commercialized. However there is another, less commercialized holiday that cannabis consumers participate in: 7/10. Whereas 4/20 is a holiday celebrating cannabis generally, 7/10 focuses on cannabis oil, concentrates, extracts, and dabs, and is known to many as International Dab Day.

There has been a distinct trend over the past few years in the legal cannabis market towards cannabis concentrates. Buds, or “flower,” sales are always popular, and there’s nothing more traditional than smoking cannabis flower on 4/20. But more people are growing cannabis from seed and converting the crop into concentrates. How should a consumer decide whether to celebrate the moment of 4:20pm on 4/20 with cannabis flower, or concentrates? Maybe a consumer can swap between both, but there’s only so much time in one minute! Jokes aside, as the interest in concentrates grows, it’s likely that 7/10 will grow in popularity as well, since the holiday is specifically meant to celebrate cannabis concentrates.

For cannabis businesses, 7/10 marks an opportunity to increase sales, and put a spotlight on brand names or products. Many cannabis websites, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels produce special content about dabbing that they release on or around 7/10. This means free marketing and increased interest in these products which businesses can use to their advantage. Many cannabis retailers already do so by offering 7/10 sales and promotions on cannabis oil, extracts, concentrates, and dabs, as well as accessories.

Some brands have even used 7/10 as a launch date instead of using 4/20. In certain states, 4/20 has become as oversaturated as the cannabis market in general. A quick Google search of cannabis product launch dates returns the unsurprising results of many brands and products launching on or very near to the popular 4/20 holiday. While the increase in interest in cannabis products around 4/20 is great for business, being drowned out in wave after wave of product launches in April is not.

The holiday 7/10 serves as a great alternative to that 4/20 option. As the second most popular cannabis holiday, you’re still getting a lot of interest even if it’s not as commercialized yet. As cannabis products become legalized in more states, and more people become interested in cannabis concentrates, more people will likely come to know of the 7/10 holiday. Getting ahead of other brands to plan launch dates around this time can help businesses now, and also might set up businesses for even more success as word of 7/10 spreads in coming years.

But What is 7/10, and Where Does it Come From?

Obviously, 7/10 occurs on July 10th. The holiday is meant to celebrate the consumption of cannabis oil products, including dabs and concentrates. Unlike the origins of 4/20, no one knows exactly who invented 7/10, but some sources attribute the creation of 7/10 to rapper and cannabis activist Taskrok. Taskrok was looking for a day to celebrate dabbing, like how 4/20 celebrates the consumption of all cannabis. July 10th was chosen because 710 upside down and backwards looks like OIL, this is especially noticeable on a calculator. However, Taskrok denies ownership of 7/10’s origins, and told The Leaf Online in an interview, “I don’t want to try to own it though. It belongs to the community now.”

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